Within the Eastern National Park of the Dominican Republic there is a small paradise called Isla Saona, it is a place surrounded by white beaches, beautiful ocean views with completely crystalline turquoise blue and emerald green tones.

In recent years, the fame of this place has increased and today it is one of the most visited places by tourists in the Dominican Republic.

What to do in Isla Saona?

  1. Stroll through Mano Juan

Mano Juan is a small fishing village on Saona Island where you can enjoy the rich gastronomic variety, coexistence with the locals and buy the souvenir you need to take home an unforgettable memory of this wonderful place.

  1. Trekking through the Flamencos Lagoon

The flamingo lagoon is home to different species of native birds; this place is just a few minutes from Mano Juan. It is best to do this activity in the morning when the sun rises, in this way you can see more birds.

  1. Turtle Recovery Center.

Isla Saona is the most important nesting place for turtles in the Dominican Republic. It has a recovery center open to the public where you can visit and learn the work of caring for and studying these small prehistoric animals.

  1. Swim at Canto de la Playa beach

he beach ¨Canto de la Playa¨ is considered one of the best places within Saona Island, located in the extreme southeast of the island and is well worth visiting. Some people describe it as a perfect beach that boasts all the virtues, a dream place where you will get postcard photos of the Caribbean that you will surely remember forever.

  1. The largest natural pool in the world

A natural pool less than a meter deep located 400 meters from the coast where the routine is to get off to make a toast and take pictures with the starfish.

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